R&D and new products launch

Services for developing, testing and optimizing new products or services

ZASLON JSC has extensive experience in performing R&D as a lead contractor for technical tasks of various customers, including ministries and agencies of the Russian Federation, aircraft manufacturing companies and marine design bureaus. We are also a successful co-executor in R&D of various organizations and corporations.

Our scientific and technical potential is high: 2 Doctors of Technical Sciences, 27 Candidates of Technical Sciences and 1 Candidate of Military Sciences work in our team. ZASLON JSC has well-trained specialists in various fields of knowledge, as well as its own school of chief designers and project managers.

We implement developments in the following areas of scientific and technical activity: radiopositioning and radio navigation equipment, avionics complexes for aviation and marine purposes, complexes of neutralization for small commercial UAVs, general-purpose ground handling facilities, marine climate equipment, digital computing systems and complexes, mobile and modular data processing centers.

Our company is engaged in research activities in the aviation and shipbuilding industries, which is a high-tech and dynamic market for scientific and technical products and services for various purposes.

We offer high-tech innovative products, which are the result of R&D, intellectual activity of employees of the Scientific and Technical Center of ZASLON JSC, services for scientific and technical support and implementation of products created and innovated by the Company, services for repair, innovation, and testing of products designed. We also expand the scientific and technical reserve, using the Company’s unique laboratory, experimental and testing base. Collaborating with us, you can be sure of the high quality of our products and services.

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Ваша заявка успешно отправлена. В ближайшее время мы с вами свяжемся для уточнения деталей.